Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Acai, Goji, and Guarana Berry Health Benefits

There are a lot of so called super foods that have been making headlines over the last few years.  The tree super berries acai, goji, and guarana are some of the forerunners for most popular super foods these days.  This is a basic guide to what you need to know about and how you stand to benefit from acai, goji, and guarana berries.
The Acai Berry
Acai berries hail from Central and South America where they have been consumed for years.  They have been believed by the natives of these areas to be powerful foods for thousands of years, but only recently has this belief garnered any real stamina in the US.
Acai is a dark purple colored berry that is related to the blueberry. It is full of antioxidants which is what makes it a super food.  This super berry has shown potential as a combatant for cancer as well as heart disease.
The acai berry has also showed some promise as weight loss supplement.  Though it has not been proven by the FDA yet many companies are already using acai berries and acai berry juice in their weight loss products.  A lot of people are pretty satisfied with the results.
Scientists know that people who eat a diet rich in antioxidants tend to maintain a healthier weight, so one could easily reason that eating berries rich in antioxidants could be a good weigh to safely maintain your weight.
The Goji Berry
Goji BerriesGoji berries hail from Asia.  Asian herbalists have been using these berries for thousands of years to treat a number of ailments.  They are part of the nightshade family and they tend to be eaten dried.  They resemble red raisins.
Goji berries have a pretty impressive list of benefits.  They contain a beta carotene as well as another rarer antioxidant that may help to prevent blindness as we age.  They are also linked to cancer prevention and healthy liver function.
Chinese oncologists have done studies that prove cancer patients who are consuming goji or goji supplements respond better to treatment. There are several other studies to back this up as well as some of goji’s other remarkable disease-fighting capabilities.
Though goji juice can be very expensive the berries are relatively cheap and can be used in cooking.  Chinese herbalists often use the berries to make broths and teas.
The Guarana Berry
Guarana berries are similar to coffee beans in size, shape, and make up but they contain more caffeine, double the amount actually.  Guarana berries are the number one source of caffeine for South Americans. Guarana berries are often used in soft drinks and energy drinks.
The really amazing thing about the guarana berry is that something contained in its many antioxidants seems to cause the memory to sharpen.  Scientific studies have practically confirmed the evidence.  So not only are you getting a boost of energy when you are consuming guarana but you are also developing a sharper memory. That is a pretty good combination.

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